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Welcome to Recovery by Rachel, a Spiritual Alternative for women that will take you and your recovery beyond “The Big Book”.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to introduce you to a program that has facilitated the recovery of over thousands of people and their families.

What do you think when you hear someone, including yourself say, “I’m in recovery”? Many people think that someone in recovery is simply trying to get and stay sober.

At Recovery by Rachel, It’s much deeper than that.  We will share with you proven techniques, including guided meditation, sound healing, energy healing, inner child recovery, recovery empowerment statements, breathing and sounding, conscious and unconscious craving control and more. Our intention is to help you to recover your separated self and become the best version of your self, the best daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, mentor, caregiver and human being that you can be. Our proven program will help you:

  • Recover and love YOURself

  • Reconnect with your Inner Child

  • Discover your unique Greater Power

  • Maintain and protect your sobriety
  • Understand your Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual bodies and the 9th Chakra
  • Realize your Full Potential
  • Liberate the Divine Feminine within you

Inspired by my own personal healing journey from childhood abuse, a dysfunctional marriage that ended in divorce, single parenting two young daughters and an emotionally abusive relationship of 40 plus years, I discovered my SELF and a yearning inside me to support and serve those who were also suffering deeply. I opened Healing Tree Spiritual Wellness Center, the first spiritual wellness center in San Clemente, California in 2013. Since then I have been developing and teaching a new spiritual, energetic and emotional alternative or supplement to the traditional 12 step program. This program has changed, improved and in some cases saved thousands of lives and families touched by addiction.  Recovery by Rachel© is the natural web-based extension of my in person private classes to make my program available online to the global recovery community including most importantly you!

I believe that we all have a time in our life when we are recovering from some sort of addiction or loss: substances, gambling, shopping, job, career, relationship, etc.  Just as I converted my spiritual, energetic and emotional pain into a fulfilling recovery journey, I’m here to help you in a loving, compassionate and safe way discover your true, and most often hidden nature, and reclaim the best parts of you that have been left behind or taken away.

This is a journey away from the mind and back into the heart, to the natural place we call home.

If this resonates for you, then I look forward to “seeing” you soon.

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“Before meeting Rachel, I was full of anxiety and emotional pain, but the moment I was in her presence I knew I was home. The calming energies and the beauty of Rachel’s warm spirit immediately relieved me of any anxiety. My experience through the guided meditation was unlike any other. Rachel sensed the energy of each individual in the group and compassionately offered guidance from the Divine within. Her unobtrusive approach is the most comforting quality. She meets you at your level and allows the Divine to work through her. I didn’t want to leave the class, the enlightening atmosphere, or Rachel’s healing presence. She truly has a gift. So grateful for the spiritual experience and support on my Recovery journey.”
Hailee, California

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