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Surrendering to a Higher Power

Tara joins the show – connecting with a higher power is new for her. Tara has been sober for over ten months now. Tara asked for help from a higher power – asking for help will open us up to receiving. Surrender to a higher power. Tara remembers the moment she surrenders like it was yesterday. 

Tara has recently gotten a new perspective on life by tapping into higher wisdom and consciousness. After the passing of her mom, she drank consistently. Tara knew she needed to save herself and do more. Ever since she asked for help, the spiritual world answered. 

She’s found her heart connecting to the fascinating study of caring for people at the end of their lives and she volunteers at a local hospice. 


However, she is currently stressed about work and in this episode Rachel discusses:

The need to find time for ourselves.

Exploring how to take ONE thing off your plate.

Being active can become an addiction and a substance.

How self-discipline can help work addiction.

Determining the highest and best needs for yourself.

Rachel explores why we can get mad at our higher power.


Listen in as Rachel and Tara discuss Surrendering to a Higher Power and so much more:

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