The Woke Addiction Recovery Podcast

Navigating Self-Pity

Being patient in your recovery journey – this is something that can challenge all of us.

In this episode, Christina joins the podcast and is excited to report she is 30 days into her sobriety. However, she wants to know how to find the courage to ask for help and ways she can practice being more patient on the journey.

Together, Rachel and Christina explore this idea of patience, unveiling thin layers of co-dependency and people-pleasing.

Christina shares her story of how she fell into addiction in the first place and the feeling of yearning for more. Plus, Rachel describes ways to navigate these feelings and offers tools to help stay woke in your recovery.

In this episode, Rachel discusses with Christina:

When we have feelings of being a burden, there is a part of us that has low self-worth.

An important discussion about fewer significant relationships over numerous relationships.

A story about a mom yelling at her crying child and how it applies to this situation.

Resources you can add to your day to help with these feelings coming up in life and in recovery.

Even 10 minutes per day can help change our mindset and ultimately our journey.

Listen in now as Rachel and Christina discuss Navigating Self-Pity and so much more:

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