The Woke Addiction Recovery Podcast

Believing in Abundance.

Bryan has always been spiritual and has practiced things like yoga and meditation throughout his life. His addiction pulled him further and further from these practices until he became someone who only talked about spirituality instead of living his values.

Bryan joins the show celebrating six months of sobriety.

In these past six months, Bryan has made some progress at work and with his relationships. Now he wants to incorporate his spirituality into his new life.


In this episode, Rachel explores with Bryan:

Bryan’s story and his path to addiction and eventual recovery.

Where the spiritual “distraught” may have been triggered.

The four wheels to hold up a body (like how wheels hold up a car) and what they are.

The infinite field of abundance.

How to take a step back, especially how this helps people in recovery, to consider the big picture instead of getting lost in thinking of the bad things that one may have done.

Simple ways to use the healing power of nature.

Rachel reminds us that in recovery, we are recovering pieces of ourselves and fighting soul fragmentation. This takes work but will allow us to have a deeper spiritual understanding of ourselves.


Listen in as Rachel and Bryan talk Believing in Abundance and so much more:


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