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Hello, I’m Rachel!

I am a Spiritual Recovery Expert who has had the honor of supporting over 3,500 people in recovery. I am a celebrated author, intuitive and empath who is passionately committed to guiding those in recovery into their highest hearts and their best most powerful version of themselves.


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“For a long time I feel I have been looking for a place where I could grow and flourish-mentally, physically, and emotionally, beyond the 12-Steps.  Rachel has created this space for me and I have found things I never even knew existed within myself. Rachel has helped me open doors that were either too heavy for me alone or ones I didn’t even know were an option for me. I am currently in recovery and Rachel’s Recovery expertise has supported me every step of the way. I just celebrated my 4 year “birthday”, and was so blessed to recently meet my birth father and birth family for the first time! If you ever get the opportunity to work with Rachel, I highly recommend Recovery By Rachel, if you are seeking long term sobriety and empowerment beyond the Big Book.”

Maria, Nevada

The first recovery I facilitated was my own – recovery from an abusive childhood, adult depression and antidepressants, an 8-year marriage that ended in divorce which brought me to my knees while mothering two small children born 20 months apart in Southern California where I had no family, no true friends and no smart phone.

My first stop on my personal healing and recovery journey was with a licensed therapist and an Intuitive Healer, Amy. With Amy I thought I was just going to get some intuitive advice about the challenges I was having with my then soon to be ex-husband and do some energy clearing.  As my weekly sessions spanned two years plus, I learned how to see and feel the unseen within myself and others. Mostly this was unseen pain. The work I did with Amy was life-changing. I not only made tremendous progress towards recovering my Self, but I also learned how to surrender and walk through the many fires of life to become more alive, more awakened and far more empowered than I ever could have imagined.

Hopeful that my personal healing and recovery was within my grasp, I then began studying and working with many highly regarded teachers from very different schools of thought. I spent years apprenticing with Shamans from Mexico and a licensed therapist and shaman in Peru. I also spent  countless hours in deep guided and self-guided meditation during which I received most of my teachings through the Divine. I also completed an apprentice program with world-renowned healer and energy medicine expert Cyndi Dale.

In 2012, I wrote my first book The Resurrection of Love and Compassion and am currently writing my second book,  In 2013, I opened, Healing Tree, the first ever Spiritual Wellness Center, in San Clemente, California. I am a certified Meditation Teacher and a Certified Spiritual Counselor. I am a self proclaimed consciousness geek and a devoted meditator and yogini.

Most notably, I was urged by my youngest, then 7-year old daughter, who started seeing and feeling Angels, Fairies and energies to open the doors to more of what I refer to as the “magical and mystical Universe, that is merely a reflection if the magic and mystery that lives deep within ourselves.”

Like many in recovery, my successful prior life betrayed my later struggles and desperate need for healing and recovery.  I was born in Surrey, England and raised in a village in rural Ontario, Canada, by very British parents. In my teens and early twenties, I enjoyed a successful modelling career working in Toronto, Tokyo, and Taipei. My jobs included fashion magazines, commercials, TV shows, movies, catalogues,  a Volkswagen Campaign and being one of four Paris Collections Fit Models for the world-renowned Japanese Designer Issey Miyake. Following my modeling career I was a restaurant manager of trendy Toronto restaurants and a meeting and event planner for Canadian fortune 1000 companies.

In 1998, I gave up my successful careers and moved to Southern California to start a new life as a wife and mother.

Today, I live in Southern California with my significant other and remain a devoted mother, now to two blossoming teenage girls that continue to be my daily inspiration. I combine my 10 years  plus of knowledge and experience with the principles of spiritual psychology, energy medicine and my powerful compassion and intuition to help  you recover and become the highest, best and most powerful versions of themselves.