It started with the
“Not tranquil” Meditation Center

When I would meditate, I kept hearing
“if you build it they will come”.
It was clear that it should be a meditation studio and I leased a space and set it up.
I quickly discovered the tenants around me were LOUD.

People were coming and going,
all these people coming and going
right outside my door.

I was so sure I was meant to create this space for meditation
and yet here I was with this loud problem.
Having invested financially, emotionally – all of it, I was in tears.

I turned to my Higher Power and asked, “What should I do??”

“If you can’t beat them, join them”
was the reply.


What I Did

I wrote an 8 page proposal and took it next door to the recovery center. I proposed a Spiritual Fitness Class where I would give a talk, do a guided meditation with essential oils and sound healing and even hands on healing if they chose.

After class one, the clients loved it so much they signed a contract for more classes right then and there.

Then another recovery center moved in the building, I made the same offer and Recovery by Rachel was born.

An unexpected path

Though I didn’t start out planning to specialize in Soul Level Addiction Recovery, I can certainly see how this was my path.

The first recovery I facilitated was my own – recovery from an abusive childhood, adult depression and antidepressants, an 8-year marriage that ended in divorce which brought me to my knees while mothering two small children born 20 months apart in Southern California where I had no family, no true friends and no smart phone.

My own healing journey made me more open and empathetic than I would’ve imagined.

How Word Spread

People were saying “This is the best part of my recovery” and “I’ve gotten more out of this one 90-minutes than my whole recover program.” Because I’m an intuitive and an empath and I’m able to see people’s trauma without them having to tell their story. I was able to project compassion and let them know I saw them.

The unexpected started happening. Clients would often leave the class without DT’s. Their shaking would disappear during the class! I was witnessing a form of spontaneous healing. Their nervous system calmed down, they were connecting to their Higher Power and feeling love and support. Word spread quickly and the studio became well known in the recovery world in my area.