Welcome to The Woke Addiction Recovery Podcast

We all know it’s time for a change, even a change in the way we view Addiction Recovery. I’m Rachel and I created this podcast to have REAL talks about addiction recovery at the Soul Level.

With over 8 years experience holding in person healing sessions, events, guided meditations, and coaching 1000’s of people in recovery, I wanted to create a place where we could have honest discussions and healing around sobriety and all addictions we might face.

With Shamanic influences and views of healing – this is truly an “other worldy” and WOKE way of viewing our truths.

Listen in on these live coaching sessions and so much more:

Believing in Abundance

Believing in Abundance. Bryan has always been spiritual and has practiced things like yoga and meditation throughout his life. His addiction pulled him further and further from these practices until he became someone who only

Navigating Self-Pity

Navigating Self-Pity Being patient in your recovery journey – this is something that can challenge all of us. In this episode, Christina joins the podcast and is excited to report she is 30 days

The Benefit of Slowing Down.

The Benefit of Slowing Down. Manifesting more business sounds like a dream. However, too much too soon can make it tough to juggle it all. This is the case for Maryanne. Maryanne joins the show

Unearthing Shame

Unearthing Shame Anne joins Rachel on the podcast. She is married to an addict who is sometimes in recovery and sometimes not in recovery. Without her husband, Anne would be more emotional and vocal about

Surrendering to a Higher Power

Surrendering to a Higher Power Tara joins the show – connecting with a higher power is new for her. Tara has been sober for over ten months now. Tara asked for help from a higher

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